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Project Description
Ready to use script

Warmup your sharepoint (or IIS) sites in powershell.

** Quick start guide... **

  1. Make sure you have powershell V2 installed into your computer (run $host.version to check your version)
  2. Download PSWarmUP, and unzip it to c:\Adminscripts\PSWarmUP for example
  3. Open SPEnumSites.xml and set hive folder and zone if needed (zone can contains Default;Intranet;Internet or all)
  4. Run startup.bat with Administrator rights.

** Script Explanation **
To be easy to configure, different steps of this program are :

  1. First script generates a flat file containing ALL Sharepoint Web Apps URLS in your farm (based on stsadm -o enumzoneurls)
  2. Remove or add any url you want into this flat file
  3. Last script is used to Warmup all urls found in this flat file

Flat file is unique per server name (assume name is %ComputerName%_URLsToWarmup.txt)

V0.1 Work for Sharepoint 2007 and 2010 (it uses "stsadm.exe -o enumzoneurls" to list sharepoint sites)

V0.2 Work for SharePoint 2010 and 2013 (it uses powershell to list SharePoint sites)

You can add or delete urls in flat file, so to be sure to warmup what you want


You will find more examples on how to run PSWarmup in startup.bat

Have fun !

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